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  4. Combining Chapters
This guide will help you use Microsoft Word for your dissertation. Topics include: formatting page numbers, using chapter templates, footnotes, images, and figures. Some screenshots may come from a previous version of Word, but remain relevant.

Combining Chapter Files into One Document

Though it is more convenient to keep chapters separate as you work on them, your final submission will need to be one long document. You can combine all of the files into one large document (see steps below), and then use information in the following sections to generate your table of contents, lists of figures, tables and equations, and take control your page numbers.

On the other hand, some people prefer to leave them as individual files, sometimes because combining your chapter files produces a file so massive that opening, editing, and saving it is prohibitively slow. If this is the case, you will need to manually create the table of contents, list of figures, and so on, and will need to set the pagination in each document.

  1. Open the file that will begin your long document (e.g. “Chapter 1” or your front matter).
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom of that document.
  3. On the Insert Ribbon, in the Text Group , click on the arrow next to the Object icon and select Text from File… .
  4. Navigate to the document you wish to insert and click Insert .
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for the remaining documents.

If needed, you can add a section break in between the inserted files so they start on a new page, but if you’ve built a page break into the Heading 1, you should get that automatically. See below for more information about sections.


When to expect your diploma : Grades are assigned by the faculty member and submitted to the Records Office a week after the end of final examination week. You will receive your diploma by mail after official certification that you have successfully completed all degree requirements. Please allow up to 4 weeks for our office to review ALL applicants individually.

Diploma Name Clearly indicate special marks (such as accent marks, hyphenations, capitalization, etc.) in your name on the name section of the Graduation Application or in writing to the Graduation Office, Admin 409. This will help ensure the proper presentation of your name for your printed diploma and the commencement bulletin.

Preferred First Name

An approved Preferred First Name may be used on a diploma and in the Commencement Program if requested by you on the graduation application, otherwise your primary (legal) name shall be used.Cal State LA recognizes that some students may wish to use a Preferred First Name other than their legal name to identify themselves. The university acknowledges that a Preferred First Name can and should be used where possible in the course of university business and education. Information for students about requesting a preferred first name is found on the University Registrar website: Angara Classic Prong Set Morganite Three Stone Ring hQoDR
. Please take a moment to review this page and see if using a Preferred First Name is right for you.

Diploma Address Navigate to " Campus Personal Information " on your GET profile to update your Diploma mailing address and preferred email address.

What will appear on your diploma?

Cal State LA recognizes that some students may wish to use a Preferred First Name other than their legal name to identify themselves. The university acknowledges that a Preferred First Name can and should be used where possible in the course of university business and education. Information for students about requesting a preferred first name is found on the University Registrar Website: . Please take a moment to review this page and see if using a Preferred First Name is right for you.

May I request a Duplicate Diploma? Absolutely! To request a duplicate copy of the diploma, complete and submit the Duplicate Diploma Request Form along with the appropriate fee per diploma. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks turnaround time for mailing or processing.

Diploma Notarization / Apostille / Authentication The California Secretary of State authenticates signatures on documents issued in the State of California, to be used outside the United States of America. The country of destination determines whether the authentication is an Apostille or Certification. Authentication requests can be submitted to the Sacramento Notary Public Section office.

Bio/Demo (Name Change) Form
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All health insurance plans now share some common characteristics. The Affordable Care Act requires that all health insurance plans offered in the individual and small-group markets must provide a comprehensive package of items and services, known as essential health benefits.

These benefits fit into the following 10 categories:

The requirement for insurance plans to offer essential health benefits is just one of many changes in health coverage that began in 2014.

Read more about coverage basics:

Coverage Basics. Coverage Levels. Covered California Health Plans.


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Flint Water Crisis/Recovery FAST Start Pipe Replacement Program Online Services Residents Visitors City Information Water Source/GLWA Agreement
Department Listing

The mission of the FAST Start program is to remove and replace lead and galvanized steel service lines leading to homes all over Flint! To keep up with the very latest FAST Start news, check out the Angara Split Shank Vintage Tanzanite Ring in Yellow Gold eG4TY

To have your service line replaced, you will need to grant the City and its contractors permission to enter your home so that they can complete the replacement. Please fill out the Angara Square Ruby and Diamond Cluster Three Stone Ring in 14k Rose Gold bqV1ohASL

Embed this chart in your site:

Embed this map in your site:

•FAST Start is organized in Six Phases running through 2019. •Phase I began March 2016. •Phase IV began May 2017. •Phase V is set to begin in May 2018. •The number of lead or galvanized steel pipes that need to be replaced in Flint is unknown, but the current estimate is approximately 12,000.

Funding for the FAST Start pipe replacement program has been provided as follows:

◦The program was initially funded (Phases 1-3) with $25,000,000 in State of Michigan funds appropriated in the 2017 State of Michigan budget approved in June of 2016. ◦The federal Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation (WIIN) Act of 2016 was passed in March of 2017 and is providing roughly $100,000,000 for infrastructure replacement/improvements in Flint. ◦The settlement of the case (finalized in April of 2017) is expected to provide an additional roughly $47,000,000 (see the Mayor’s press release about the settlement ).

•A document for Flint residents whose pipes may be replaced is available here: Angara BasketSet Round Aquamarine Stud Earrings with Diamond T7oJIVGXuj

Follow the FAST Start team on social media:

•Facebook: @FlintFASTStart •Twitter: @FlintFASTStart

In cooperation with the Lansing Board of Water Light (BWL), Mayor Karen Weaver and the City of Flint launched theFAST Start pipe replacement program in February 2016 in effortto get the lead out of Flint after a state-appointed emergency manager switched the City’s water source to the Flint River in 2014 without the necessary corrosion control chemicals being added. The corrosive water removed a protective coating on the inside of the pipes, causing lead to leach into the water flowing to homes in the City of Flint. FAST Start isa key initiative identified by theFlint Action and Sustainability Team which Mayor Weaver formedin early 2016.

The BWL has more than a decade of experience in safely and efficiently removing lead service lines (LSL) in Lansing and will provide the technical assistance needed to launch the FAST Start program. The BWL has perfected a technique for removing LSLs that is much faster and more cost ­effective than traditional methods.

In Phase One of the FAST Start program, high ­risk households in Flint will be given the first priority for LSL removal and replacement. High ­risk households include those with children under age 6, children with elevated blood lead levels, pregnant women, senior citizens, residential day care facilities, people with compromised immune systems, and households where water tests indicate high levels of lead at the tap.

In December 2016, Mayor Karen Weaver announced that a study by University of Michigan professors working with leaders of her FAST Start initiative estimates as many as 29,100 Flint residences have lead or galvanized steel service lines that need to be replaced.

The number is nearly twice the 15,000 the mayor estimated would need replacing when she kicked off her FAST Start pipe replacement program in February. The latest number is based on inspections of service lines leading to 159 homes using a Hydrovac to flush dirt from around the pipes near the curb. Based on the results, the study estimates about 52 percent of the total number of service lines leading to 55,000 parcels in the City of Flint need replacing.

“These findings make it even more imperative that the state and federal government step up to pay for replacing the lead-tainted service lines leading to residents’ homes,” Mayor Weaver said. “Even though by using filters many are able to drink the water, the lead and galvanized steel service lines still must be replaced so Flint residents don’t have to worry about lead-tainted water coming into their homes through no fault of their own.”

Google helped fund the study, which was conducted by Jacob Abernethy, U-M assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science; Eric Schwartz, U-M assistant professor of marketing; and U-M graduate students Arya Farahi and Jared Webb. Nicholas Anderson, who is assisting FAST Start coordinator Michael McDaniel with the pipe replacement program, and Ryan Doyle of the Michigan Department of Transportation also participated.

While they took into consideration what crews found as they replaced lead-tainted service lines leading to nearly 300 homes earlier this year, the study’s authors focused on the lines inspected using the Hydrovac since those inspections took in a broader group of homes, including those less likely to have lead or galvanized steel pipes than the homes targeted so far by FAST Start.

Retired Brigadier General Michael McDaniel, who’s coordinating the FAST Start initiative, said the study showed about 17,500 homes would need full service line replacements and 11,600 would need partial replacements.

Both the study’s authors and McDaniel acknowledge the number of homes that need service lines replaced may be too high, since only a small number of the service lines in the city have actually been inspected or replaced. They said determining the true percentage of service lines that need replacing would require that a large-scale Hydrovac excavation project be done.

The city has fewer than 55,000 parcels that contain occupied residences, so the number of replacements needed may be lower, McDaniel said. But for now, he’s sticking with the estimate of 29,100 homes because replacing every lead-tainted service line is necessary to ensure every Flint resident has safe drinking water flowing from the tap.

“Given our unwillingness during a city public health emergency to disregard any potential residence that might need a lead-tainted service line replaced, we have assumed a conservative estimate,” he said.

The estimate was required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to comply with the requirements of the Lead-Copper Rule. Since the level of lead in the city’s water supply exceeded the federal action level of 15 parts per billion, the City of Flint must replace more than 2,000 service lines by June 30, 2017. City officials are hoping to replace 6,000 lead-tainted pipes leading to Flint homes in 2017.

City records noting the location of lead service lines in Flint have proven to be unreliable, and records for some parcels don’t exist at all. That has left visual inspections as the only way to get an accurate assessment of where lead and galvanized steel service lines were installed.

Under FAST Start, crews continue to replace service lines in neighborhoods most likely to have lead service lines, and where a significant number of young children or seniors live.

As of January 2017, crews have replaced lead and galvanized steel service lines leading from the water main to the water meter of about 800 homes. Copper service lines found leading to 120 homes were not replaced. The goal is to replace lines leading to 6,000 homes by the end of 2017.

“Renovating the City of Flint’s aging water system is a challenge, but it has been hugely satisfying to see Flint residents’ relief when their pipes are replaced,” McDaniel said. “We hope the City of Flint continues to receive the funding needed to replace all of its lead-tainted service lines which I think could happen over the next three years.”

*UPDATE* As of April 18, 2018, the total number of lines replaced is 6,264 and the total number of full copper lines identified is approximately 2,500 since FAST Start launched in March 2016.

Phase IV Contractors Company Contact Information

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 6

Zone 7

Zone 8

Zone 9

Zone 10

SLR Contractors

WT Stevens – (810) 397-9949 •Zones 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 •2712 N. Saginaw St, Flint, MI 48505 • Angara Fluted Pattern Sapphire Half Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold M42WIM

Goyette Mechanical – (810) 742-8530 •Zones 2, 3, 6, and 8 •3842 Gorey Ave, Flint, MI 48506 • Angara Ruby Promise Ring in Rose Gold bdwROu

Waldorf Sons – (810) 564-5000 •Zone 4 •9118 N Dort Hwy, Mt. Morris, MI 48458 • Angara Vintage Style Swiss Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring with Diamond Halo wIxMCEP

Lang Constructors – (810) 743-6702 •Zone 10 •9145 Corunna Rd, Flint, MI 48532 •

Restoration Contractors

City of Flint (Streets Division) – (810) 766-7343 •Zones 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 •702 W 12th St, Flint, MI 48503

Zito Construction – (810) 695-9025 •Zones 1, 2, 4, 8, and 10 •8033 Fenton Rd, Grand Blanc, MI 48439 • Kit Heath Blossom Bumblebee Gold Plate Stud Earrings gD2uHI6

City of Flint Contact Numbers

Water Service Center (M-F 0730 – 1600) •Water Department (810) 766-7202 •Sewer Department (810) 766-7079

Street Maintenance Division •702 W 12th St, Flint, MI 48503 (Physical Address) •Streets Division (810) 766-7343

Customer Service Department (M, T, F 0800-1700 / W Thrs 0800-1600) •Customer Service (810) 766-7015 •Customer Service Fax (810) 238-8481

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) •(DEQ) Core Team [Helps with Faucet Replacements / Govt Asst.] (810) 238-6700

Informational Websites Pertaining to Fast Start / Flint Water Quality gov/flint Nialaya Skyfall Pearl Bangle Extra Small g0WHs

Accounts Payable Department
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